zHome Education Fund

The zHome Education Fund is a fully dedicated fund within Built Green and the Master Builders Assocation Education Foundation (a 501(c)3 non-profit) for zHome related education. zHome’s education program uses zHome as a platform for educating youth, the public, and technical and professional audiences about deep green living and building technologies. Some of its specific programs include:

  • Youth education programs and field trips to zHome to inspire future generations about hopeful, can-do solutions to important environmental issues.
  • Hands-on technical classes for builders, architects, and designers about advanced sustainable technologies used in zHome (36 classes to date to 3,200 professionals)
  • Three month open house for the general public to learn about deep green living, including tours, audio guides, videos, and hands-on learning.
  • One unit will be used as a Stewardship Education Center for five years for ongoing tours, on-site education, retreats and classes
  • In depth web education through z-home.org

We greatly appreciate your support in revolutionizing the future of building!
All donations are tax-deductable.