Deep Green Materials

zHome takes into account that the source of building materials and how the materials are manufactured and harvested, have profound environmental implications. zHome materials have been selected to emphasize various aspects of sustainability.

Recycled materials

zHome includes many recycled materials in its construction and interior design, including sheetrock, concrete, siding and roofing. Recycled-content building products use less virgin material and typically require less energy for their production.

Locally produced materials

Most of the major construction materials in zHome units are manufactured within 500 miles of the project, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and benefiting the regional economy.

Durable materials

Durability is an important component of sustainable construction — zHome includes long-life roofing, siding and other materials.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
certified wood

FSC certification ensures that forests and forest products are managed and manufactured based on ecologically sound principles, and that forests remain viable ecosystems, while at the same time allowing wood harvest. zHome will include FSC-certified components.

Minimal vinyl

Vinyl is considered by many to be highly toxic in its manufacture and if it burns. zHome will not use vinyl in the homes, except for wiring casing and other incidental items.

90% of construction waste recycled

zHome will include an aggressive on-site recycling program during construction to minimize the amount of waste going to landfill.

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